Restorative yoga & Myofascial Release Workshop

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Restorative & Myofascial Release

Very excited to be supporting this amazing workshop. Join Rebecca, Melissa and Sarah for a Soulful Sunday of restorative yoga and myofascial release.
Myofascial release involves releasing the tension held in the muscles and the connective tissue that intricately binds them together.This technique gives you the ‘take-home’ tools to allow you to address the common areas of tension or dysfunction we all experience from day to day like headaches, lower back pain and post training or gym soreness.
Restorative yoga helps to slow down and open your body through passive stretching, to offer a welcome respite amongst all the turbulence of life and helps to prepare the mind and body for meditation and deepened awareness.
You will leave this Soulful Sunday session with a sense of whole body relaxation, deep peace and rejuvenation. We hope to inspire you to introduce these techniques into your own practice.

Click here to secure your spot as spaces are limited.